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Auriclight Serendipity
lotus flower photo by Paul Hsu
© Paul Hsu 2012

What is Auric Light Serendipity?

Auric Light may seem like a strange name. But Auric Light is a reminder to us that we possess creative essences in addition to our thoughts, imagination, emotions, and physical attributes. Each of us is a human being with a unique auric field.

Our unique auric field energizes our thoughts, imagination, emotions, and physical attributes. Our auric field is also the Light from which we have our inspirations, hunches, 'aha' moments, and a knowingness beyond our normal understandings.

We easily access our auric light while asleep in our dream times. During our waking hours, Meditation lets us move into an awake dream state to gain greater insights for our daily activities and relationships.

Auric Light Serendipity offers you FREE Meditation Lessons for thirteen weeks. These Lessons are not focused on any religious belief, but on soul purposes.

Put your name and email address in the form to the right and click on the button 'Click for Lesson 1' to get your copy.

Below are links to Articles published by Al Bouchard based on Whispers he receives from time to time. Also, below are Auric Light Links to other web sites focused on enlightment and Auric Expressions with links to products and services for creativity and well-being.

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LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS! Love is the cornerstone of your being.

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