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VISION:Greater acceptance of personal responsibility in making life choices leading to long lasting good health, wellbeing and wellness.

Inspired by Dr. Graeme Potter's Dogwood Wellness practice in Dillsboro, NC and the growing awareness that we are each responsible for our own well being, the Dogwood Insight Center is an independent, nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to good health and wellness for all people.

MISSION: Offering educational & learning opportunities by a variety of practitioners leading to better health and wellness.

Dogwood Insight Center's primary core is the WHISPER Program, an acronym for Wellness Health Insights Series for Personal Enlightened Realization.

The aim of the WHISPER Program is to offer weekly workshops about a variety of activities that participants can use in their life to assist them in maintaining good health and wellness.

Volunteer FACILITATORS for the WHISPER Program are needed to include traditional medical models, good nutrition practices, exercise routines, and a variety of health practices from many disciplines.

Also, VOLUNTEERS are needed to activate committees to plan the development of the Center.

Click here for a Dogwood Insight Center brochure for more information about Facilitators and to volunteer.

Click here for a Dogwood Insight Center Flow Chart with committees for more information about the standing committees.

The Dogwood Insight Center, a new educational nonprofit in Dillsboro, wants to offer a variety of insights leading to wellness with the help of a variety of facilitators. The focus at this time is basic healthcare, alternative providers, food options and sustainability.

In addition to offering insights to wellness, the Dogwood Insight Center would also like to have volunteers to assist in the development of the Center through committees.

The June 25th meeting focused on specific goals and activating 3 committees. Click on the link below for a file on the goals for 2013.

Click here for the Dogwood Insight Center Goals for 2013.

Nineteen persons attended the Tuesday, June 25th meeting. Three persons volunteered to serve on an Education Committee. Three persons volunteered to serve on the Education Committee, three persons volunteered to serve on the Planning Committee, and one person agreed to serve on the Property Committee.

Anyone interested in serving on the Education Committee, the Planning Committee, or the Property Committee can Click on the link below for the form to volunteer. Mail the completed form to Dogwood Insight Center, P O Box 687, Dillsboro, NC 28725. You will be contacted by a member of the committee you volunteered to serve on.

Click here for the Dogwood Insight Center 3 committees that will be activated this year.

The Center has started plans for a monthly publication titled WELLNESS INSIGHTS with articles from a variety of health practitioners about practices leading to good health, wellness and well being. Anyone interested in submitting articles for consideration can mail them to Dogwood Insight Center, P O Box 687, Dillsboro, NC 28725

Click here for a partial mockup of WELLNESS INSIGHTS

Join us! email
or call 828-586-6262.

Directions to Dogwood Insight Center: Turn onto Depot Street next to the Dillsboro Post Office, cross the railroad tracks, go across the bridge at Scott's Creek, turn right and follow the Dogwood Wellness signs.

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